Simple Online Meditation Guide to Improve Mental Health

Bring your family closer with Meditating Human’s simple manifestation guide that helps parents connect with their kids and improve their mental health.

Do you feel like your family is drifting away from the nest? Do you feel like you no longer work as a unit and never have time for each other? With Meditating Human’s online manifesting guide, you and your family can find your way back to the family core group and work together towards common goals.

The online manifesting guide is designed to help families form and stick to a singular goal. The goal can be anything the family values the most, like openness, mental health, and success in school and work.

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Meditating Human believes that manifesting doesn’t just rely on the fervent belief that something will happen – it also requires a plan of action and a high level of accountability.

The guide offers five modules, namely: Level Set, Get Clear, Get Obsessed, Know It’s Yours, and Get It Done. These modules motivate you to move towards clear-cut, achievable goals rather than getting stuck in making big plans.

Level Set teaches you to set the correct language and verbiage within the family core group. This ensures that all the members understand the expectations, why they are in place, and when those expectations are supposed to be delivered.

Get Clear explains how you and your children need to tell each other exactly what they want to achieve. For example, if the family’s goal is to improve their mental health, what aspects of mental health should they talk about? The manifestation guide’s second module helps the family identify and define these terms.

Get Obsessed is the module that brings your goals to reality. Keeping each other accountable, regular check-ins, and progress reports are discussed in this module, which mainly focuses on mobilizing the family members to work for their goal. This includes how to give feedback constructively and how to motivate members who are getting left behind.

Know It’s Yours reminds you that the goal you have set is within reach, but you have to work for it. The goals you set for the entire family have already been made clear in the previous modules, and this second to the last one affirms the family’s ability to push through and make it happen.

The last module, Get It Done, helps families create a detailed action plan that will concretize the plans that they have made. Daily schedules and tasks are created and given to the family members.

It’s time to create long-lasting bonds with your family before they go off and start their own. Studies have shown that parents who teach their kids to be focused and have clear goals are more likely to have close family relationships. When families set goals together, they learn to communicate and support each other more, which ultimately leads to success in life.

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