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"Once you've mastered yourself, you've mastered everything else"
- Tiffany Antoine

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Focus on yourself and your inner voice daily to remain connected to yourself and Source or the Universal Energy.

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality

Learn and practice simple, easy, and basic ways to successfully navigate your spiritual path.



Everything is within your reach. Just align yourself energetically with what you want, employ inspired action and move in that direction.

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Master manifesting in as little as 5 weeks.

My mission is to help you

get everything you

want out of life .... YOU DESERVE the life that you want.

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Simplified Process

I have a simplified the manifestation process, so you master it in weeks, NOT years. My course was uniquely designed to help manifesters and spirituality seekers at all levels. My course makes the manifesting process LESS complicated, frustrating, and scary.

Practical Spirituality Expert

Meditating Human offers easy-to-understand spirituality, meditation and manifestation courses that help you learn how to enhance & implement spirituality in a practical, easy way that won't take any extra time of your day.